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Sara MacKillop CV
Leeds University 1992-6
Royal College of Art 1999-2001


2023 custom binding, Florence Loewy, Paris 

2022 Oscar Laughridge and Sara MacKillop, Caprica Studios, London 

2022 RKive Basics, Clages Gallery, Koln, Germany 

2021 Calendar Houses, 42 x 60cm, Paris 

2021 San Niveau Ni me’tre, Cabinet Du Livre D’Artiste, Universite Rennes 

2021 Calendar Houses, Laurel Parker Gallery, Paris 

2021 Barbecue 2,Office Baroque ( Two Person Show with Keith Farquhar)  

 2019/2020 Renewals and Returns, Shoreditch Library, London

2019/2020 Renewals and Returns, PEER , London

2019 Shelf Space, A. Maior, Viseu, Portugal

2019 Atlas House, Ipswich

2019 Publications 2010-2018, Print Room Rotterdam

2019 Publications 2010- 2018, Piper Keys, London

2018 Double Glazed, Florence Loewy, Paris

2017 One Room Living, Bonington Gallery, Nottingham

2017 Artists Publications 2008 - 2017, Bonington Gallery Vitrines, Nottingham

2016 Temporary Bond, Clages, Koln, Germany

2016 Window Display, Haus der Kunst, Munich

2015 Pop- up, Non, Pop- up, Florence Loewy, Paris

2014 More Lines Added, Clages, Koln, Germany

2014 Sculpture Room, Trondheim Konstmuseum, Norway

2013 45wpm, Mews Project Space, London

2013 Post, Kunsthalle Charlottenburg, Copenhagen.

2013 Sara MacKillop, AP News, Zurich.

2013 New Stationery Department, Motto, Berlin

2012 Volume 3, Clages, Koln, Germany

2012 Ex- Library Book, Clockwork Gallery, Berlin

2011 Faded Paper, Spike Island, Bristol

2011 White Room, White Columns, New York

2011 Florence Loewy, Paris

2011 Paper Room, Sorlandets Kunstmuseum, Norway

2010 Similar Variance, Dundee Contemporary Art

2010 Addendum, Salle de Bains, Lyon

2010 Jessica Bradley Art and Projects, Toronto

2010 Certificates of Readership, Saison Poetry Library with the Hayward Gallery.

2010 Sara MacKillop/Nuno Ramallah, Mews Project Space, London.

2010 Various Dimensions, Clages, Cologne, Germany

2009 Sara MacKillop, Cairn, Pittenween, Fife.

2008 50 Envelope Windows, Whitechapel Project Space.

2008 3.35 x 2.30, Clages, Cologne.

2008 Floor/Wall, Leicester City Art Gallery.

2008 Ian Kiaer/Sara MacKillop, International Project Space, Birmingham, (publication).

2007 Jessica Bradley Art and Projects, Toronto, Canada

2006 Wilkinson Gallery, London


2023 Inexistant Books VI, Salong Oslo

2023 Blank. Raw. Illegible... Artists' Books as Statements (1960-2022), curated by Mortiz Kung Leopold Hoesch Museum, Duren, Germany  

2023 Bibliothek der Stadtgalerie, Stadtgalerie, Bern  

2023 Offset, curated by Claude Closky, Le Cdla, Saint-Yrieix-la-Perche, France  

2022 Livres d’artistes, Online presentation of Argos 1976 and Pop -up Non Pop -up, Les Abbattoirs, Frac Occitaines, Toulouse.  

2022 Ten years, London Centre for Book Arts, London  

2022 Temporary Gallery, Florence Loewy invited guest at Galerie Eva Meyer, Paris  

2022 42 x 60, Laurel Parker Gallery, Paris  

2022 Inexistant Books 4, Aula 46, Barcelona, Spain  

2021 Fins Programmees, curated by Marie Boivent, Cabinet Du Livre D’Artiste, University of Rennes. 

2021 The Fountains Show 2, Sundy Gallery London 

2021 Inexistant Books 3, Material CH, Switzerland  

2020 Inexistant Books 2, Print Room, Rotterdam  

2020 Modern Shopping, Weiner Foundation, Vienna Austria  

2020 Inexistent Books, Schlauger, Basel 

2020 Paradise Libraries Episode 1, Clages Gallery, Cologne  

2020 Tous n’habitent pas le monde de la même façon, Florence Loewy Paris 

2020 Every Other Space, curated by Gregorio Magnani, Mutina for Arte, Fiorano/ Modena, Italy,

2020 Publication as Exhibition, MPvite, Nantes, France

2019 Work-Book-Work, curated by Gregorio Magnani, ICA, Milan

2019 Game, Set, Match, Serralves Museum, Porto.

2019 Ladies and Gentlewoman we are floating in space, Clages Gallery, Koln.

2018 Silent Street, curated by Adam Thompson, Ipswich


2018 Flip - About Image Construction, KASK School of Arts, Ghent, Zwarte Zaal, Louis Pasteuren.

2018 "OURS, COLOPHON, ACHEVÉ D'IMPRIMER : LE LIVRE D'ARTISTE ET LE PÉRITEXTE" du Cabinet du livre d'artiste, du FRAC Bretagne et d’Anne Mœglin-Delcroix.

2018 Wendy’s Subway, Reading Room, Bard Graduate Centre, New York

2018 Please save the date, curated by Marie Boivent, L’endroit editions, Rennes, France.

2017 Publishing as an Artistic Toolbox: 1989 - 2017, Kunsthalle Wein, Vienna

2017 Bob Calle Prize for Artists Book Exhibition, Beaux Arts, Paris

2017 Artists’ Books for Everything, Weserburg Museum of Modern Art, Bremen

2017 Copy Construct, Cultuurcentrum Mechelen, Belgium

2017 Marbled Ream, Bonington Gallery, Nottingham

2017 In a dream you saw a way to survive and you were full of joy, curated by Elizabeth Price, Hayward Touring exhibition, Del a Warr Pavillion, Bexhill on Sea, Glyn Vivian Gallery, Swansea

2016 Everything is about to Happen (Porto), Serralves Museum, Porto, Portugal

2016 In a dream you saw a way to survive and you were full of joy, curated by Elizabeth Price, Hayward Touring exhibition, Whitworth Art Gallery

2016 Tell it Slant, Frith Street Gallery, London

2015 Poem Nº 00000000000000000000000000000,9 Mendes Wood, Brazil

2015 Graphics Interchange Format, Focal Point Gallery, Southend

2015 The Group, Castillo Corrales, Paris with the New Theater

2015 Accadra Domani, Selected by Gregorio Magnani, Museo Marino Marini, Florence, Italy.

2015 It’s Not New, It’s a book, Reina Sofia Gallery, Madrid

2015 Villa Toronto, Union Station, Toronto.

2014 The Liberated Page, Le Commun, Geneva

2014 Everything is about to Happen as part of the Library Vaccine, Artists Space, New York

2014 The End of Love, New Theater, Berlin

2014 Everything is about to happen, curated by Gregorio Magnani, Corvi Mora, London

2014 Kultur und Freizeit, Westfalischer Kunstverein, Germany

2013 Journey to the end of colour: Books and Prints, curated by Guy Schranen, Musee de Serralves, Porto, Portugal.

2013 Xerography, Firstsite Gallery, Colchester

2013 For what it's worth: Perceptions of Value in Contemporary art. Selection from the Arts Council Collection. Norwich Gallery, Norwich.

2013 Some undisclosed points of disclosure, Chelsea Art Library

2013 The Feverish Library, Capitain/Petzel, Berlin

2013 Marbled Ream, Modern Institute, Glasgow

2013 Provisional Information, Camberwell Space, London

2013 I won’t be getting a calendar this year since I was so unhappy with last year’s, Florence Loewy, Paris.

2012 Dear Lynda, Chelsea Art Space, London.

2012 Threshold, Jessica Bradley Art + Projects, Toronto.

2012 Postcard Show, Spike Island, Bristol

2012 Void, Saloon du Livre, La Fonderie Kugler, Geneva

2012 Glaze, Gallery Chez Valentin, Paris

2012 Meanwhile, John Hansard Gallery, Southampton

2012 X Alphabet, X Marks the Bokship at Badischer Kunstverein, Germany

2012 Curators Egg, Anthony Reynolds Gallery, London

2011 Provisional Information, Occasionals at the Milton Keynes Gallery,

2011 Concrete Poetry, Concrete, Hayward Gallery

2011 From Page to Space curated by Guy Schraenen, Museu Serralves, Porto

2011 Dorothea, Ancient and Modern, London

2011 Sara MacKillop/Bedford Press, X Marks the bokship, London

2011 Anti Photography, Focal Point Gallery, Southend on Sea

2011 La Photocopie, Cabinet du Livre D’artiste Universite de Rennes

2011 Cactus Craze,curated by Jean-Michel Wicker and Gregorio Magnani, KW

2010 Bedford Press, PS1, New York, New York Art book fair.

2010 Record Show, White Columns benefit auction

2010 The Page, Curated by John Stezaker and Matthew Higgs, Kimmerich Gallery, New York.

2010 Play it!, Florence Loewy, Paris

2010 24 advertisements, curated by Jacob Fabricius,

2010 Amor Parvi oder Die Liebe zum Kleinen, Kunstverein Langenhagen

2009 The Poetry Marathon, Serpentine Gallery

2009 Today is ok, Manuela Klerkx gallery, Milan.

2009 Adam Gillam/ Sara MacKillop, MOT Gallery London

2008 The Long Take, Moot, Nottingham

2008 Notes conernant les objets qui sont sur une table de cuisine, Super, Paris.

2007 Expect Nothing, Gallery for one, Dublin, Ireland.

2007 Working Things Out, Spike Island, Bristol

2007 EAST 17, Norwich Gallery. Norwich, selected by Matthew Higgs and Mark Camille Chaimowicz (catalogue)

2006 Six Shows in Six Weeks, Moot Gallery, Nottingham

2006 Sculpture Garden, Phoenix Gardens, London

2004 The Concert and the Egg, The Ship, Shadwell, London
2003 EAST International, Norwich Gallery, Norwich.

2002 Provisional Worlds, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Canada. 2002 Club, Le Confort Moderne, Poitiers, Fr