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RKive rmq

RKive Basics, Clages Gallery 2022 l-r Blind Book, Wallhanging, Calendar House

Installation view 1


Calendar house

Calendar House, found magazine files, found Calendar 2022


Wallhanging 2022, Digital print on polysilk, held on nails 841 x 1189 mm

Wallhanging side

Wallhanging side view

Installation view 3

Calendar House, Blind book, Blind book

Blind book 2 Blind book 2

Blind Book, 2022, Self published books sliced lengthways in half, bound with had made venetian bind mechanism in found frame

Blind book half Blind book half 2

Blind book 2022

Wallhanging 2

Wallhanging, digial print on polysilk held on nails

Installation 4

l-r Book blind, Wallhanging 3

Book blind (double)

Book Blind (double)



l-r Clock/calendar house, Blind book (double)

Clock/ Calendar house, found magazine files, calendar, clock mechanism

Clock/Calendar House 2022

Calendar house drawer

Calendar House, Found cardboard desk drawers and file, found calendar

Calendar drawern detail

Calendar House, detail

Phone Books 2022, Digital print on cardboard, folded paper, found cardboard and tape. (images appropriated from adverts for consumer apps using the same format

of a hand holding a smartphone)

Wallhanging 4

Wallhanging, digital print on polysilk, displayed on nails

Blind book 4 perspex

Book blind, selfpublishing cut lengthways and secured with hand made string venetian blind mechanism behind perspex

Installation view 5

l-r Blind Book, Calendar House, Phone books