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Double Glazed view from outside

Double Glazed 2018, Florence Loewy, Paris, View from outside

Double glazed 2

Car Window Shades, Found object affixed to window of galley, 2018

double glazed 3

Double Glazed, Installation view, Car Window Shades, Sketchpad 1

Double glazed 4


Installation View Double Glazed, l-r, Sketchpad 1, Sketchpad 2, Sketchpad 3, Solar Window film

doubleglazed 5

Double Glazed 2018, Installation View l-r Sketchpad 2, Sketchpad 3, Solar Window Film, 2010-2017


Installation View, 2010 - 2017, Framed faded book cover

Double glazed 3

Double Glazed Installation View l-r Sketchpad 1, Sketchpad 5 (rear view), Sketchpad 2, Sketchpad 3, Solar Window Film.

double glazed 7

Sketchpad 5, inkjet and digital print on paper, A - board display, Car window shade, Folded Solar Window Film, 2018

doubleglazed 11

Sketchpad 1, Solar Window Film, Poster Frame, Digital print and inkjet on paper, 42 x 59.4cm


Sketchpad 2, Car Shade on Poster frame, digital print and inkjet on paper 42 x 59.4 cm

sketchpad 13

Sketchpad 3, Solar Window Film on Poster Frame, Inkjet and digital print on paper, 42 x 59.4 cm

2010 -2017


2010 - 2017, Faded book cover, unfolded and framed, 95 x 45 cm, (the book was placed in the window of the bookshop where worked when I began working there and taken

away when I finished working there. The faded section is caused due to being in the shop window for that time)


Sketch pad 5, Solar Window Film, Glass Awareness Stickers on Poster frame, inkjet and digital print on paper 42 x 59.4cm