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piper keys 1

Installation View, Book Display, Piper Keys, 2019

Piper Keys 2

Installation detail, Book Display, Piper Keys, 2019


Installation detail, Book display, Piper Keys, 2019

Piper keys 4

Installation Detail, Book Display, Piper Keys 2019


Installation View, Poster from Sara MacKillop, Publications 2008 - 2018

Press Release:

Sara MacKillop presents her new printwork Publications 2008 - 18 at Piper Keys on Saturday 12th January only, alongside a

display of her self - published material produced during this ten year period.

Publications 2008 - 2018 is to some extent a publication of publications, purporting to document the artist's output over the

last decade. In these past works MacKillop variously engages with the mass of promotional materials produced by big

business from the position of self - publisher, operating on a print - on - demand basis.

Regularly returning to first principles (Where to start? Start with the defining use of the material?), MacKillop deals with materials

at their most preliminary. Early titles concentrate on the ubiquitous layouts of paper documents and products, reproducing envelopes

catalogues, raffle tickets. Later, publications are uninvited, edited reprints of catalogues and packaging by IKEA, Argos, Apple and

other retailers. Revisions and modifications are often slight - source materials are not elevated but interfered with, turned into

objects for procrastination. Within their pages MacKillop subtley reimagines their design: removing content, repeating lines and

shapes, overlaying derivative inclusions on top of product information. Publications 2008 - 2018 involves a further reductive gesture.

Against the claim of the printed word/image as REPRESENTATION examplar here, somehow inverted, the supposed artworks

return to catalogue information.

Sara MacKillop's Publications 2008 - 2018 is published by Bierke Verlag in an edition of 250.